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Better to Build a Deck in Cold Weather

Did You Wait Too Long?

More than halfway through August and most contractors are booked up until spring, you may be wondering, is it too late to get my deck or fence done? Don’t worry, not only is it possible to get it done in 2022, it also might be better to build in cold weather, even in the middle of winter. Here are some reasons why?

Love Winter Again

Having an extra usable outdoor space may inspire you to be outside more this winter. B.R.A.G Contracting works through the winter months with the exception of a few deep freeze days. Instead of hibernation, your family could renew their love of winter with an outdoor living space that can be inviting on cold days to. Some outdoor spaces include a built-in gas fire pit that can be used all year. Ask how you can include one in your deck design.

At Your Convenience

Generally, most contractors have more time in the winter than during the summer months. In fact if a contractor is not busy during the summer, you may want to avoid that contractor. During the winter you are more likely to schedule your project at your convenience. B.R.A.G. Contracting only builds excellent quality decks, however, there is something to be said about having your builders full attention, as he’s not pulled in different directions as in the chaos of summer.

Having you deck and fence finished late in the season means that you will be ready for the first warm spring day. Planning this far ahead means more of next year to enjoy. Rather than waiting 12-18 weeks to finally replace your old ugly and dangerous deck, you’ll be sipping margaritas in the early sunny spring.

No Lawn Damage

Decks and fences require some machinery to install their foundations. Weather digging post holes or installing helical piles, a machine of some kind must access your yard. In the dry, cooler days of fall and winter machines do less damage to grass and landscapes. In the spring, just after everything thaws, even walking on a jobsite can do a lot of damage. In winter when the ground is frozen, landscaping is protected, and helical piles can be drilled leaving nothing behind but a strong foundation pile. Just one more reason it can be better to build in cold weather.

Better to Build in Cold Weather Because of Moderate Drying Time

Pressure treated wood will be used in all deck construction at least for the deck structure. Did you know? New lumber can hold as much as 50% moisture content. Significantly, during the first few months of a newly constructed deck or fence, the wood will dry out. The faster it dries, the more it can move. Therefore an added benefit to building in the cold is a slower drying time and less movement in the finished structure. If you have ever seen a deck where the surface deck boards warp and cup water, that’s an example of drying too quickly. With a more moderate drying rate less splitting or cracking takes place as well.

Save On Material

In the past 2 years we have seen the cost of lumber rise consistently to around 250%.  One of the causes is supply and demand. This winter lumber mills are not likely to catch up on the supply of lumber, but less demand could mean lower cost. Read more about lumber costs in our blog post “Lumber Shortage Update”.

Book Your Project

Get a jump start on 2023, get a new backyard living space, with a new deck and fence by B.R.A.G. Contracting. Some of their greatest creations have been built in fall and winter. Call today and schedule your next project.