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A Good Fence and Deck Contractor – What to Look for?

A Fence and Deck Adds Value

Your home will likely be the largest and most significant investment you will make. A new fence and deck will increase its value if done well. Sadly, it’s important to be shrewd in life, there are many construction companies that are lacking in experience, skill, professionalism, and integrity. Lumber costs have recently increased significantly, that’s why it’s important to hire a company that uses and installs material properly, wastes little, and guarantees their work. Hiring a carpenter comes with a cost, but a worthwhile sacrifice to ensure you get a fence or deck that will last.

What to Look for in a Carpenter

How do you know that you found the right company? What are some important qualities of a good carpenter? This post will provide you with a few important things to look for. A decent contractor should posses all of the following suggestions.

Are They Reliable and Skilled?

First and foremost, is the company and its workers reliable and skilled. In order to gain confidence in the contactor you choose, you need to do some research. Today that isn’t as difficult as you may think. Use Google and search the name of the company. The company website can tell you much about them. Look for a portfolio of the work they have done. If their portfolio is filled with stock photo’s that should be a red flag. Google reviews offers a clear picture of a company’s abilities. Look for a company with a good rating (4-5 stars) and lots of reviews (10 or more).

A Good Fence and Deck Contractor – What to Look for?
Reliability and Skill Level is Important

Cost is Important

Always compare prices. Get at least 3 quotes. You get what you pay for so don’t always choose the cheapest price; look for instead, the best value. Take time to examine each quote carefully and make sure about what is included. For example, does the quote include removal of waste after the job is completed. Good contractors hire good carpenters, none of which work for nothing, therefore, expect to pay for good quality workmanship.


Another important quality to look for is professionalism. Do they have the skills and are they qualified? You probably won’t meet the workers who will be there until the day they begin. However, you can make judgments based on the representative that prices the job. Is their vehicle indicative of a company that does well? Is the representative dressed decently, do they show you respect and are they courteous? Do they listen to you? Often, the level of professionalism displayed by the salesperson reflects the workers who will do the work. If the owner of the company quotes it and is on site during it’s construction, that’s a very good thing.

Safety and Insurance – Not to Be Overlooked

Make sure the company you choose has insurance and adheres to government safety policies including local bylaws. They should have this clearly mandated on their website. Why is it important? If there are any issues with their work or damage to your property, liability insurance can compensate you for it. Also, if a worker is injured on your property and the company has no insurance you could be held liable.

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Making a good decision takes time and effort, don’t act on the first quote you receive, think carefully about what makes a good fence and deck contractor. Be sure to include B.R.A.G. Contracting Inc. in your research. If you do, you’ll be one step closer to a fence and deck that you might brag about.