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Helical Piles vs. Pressure-Treated Wood Posts

Embracing Sustainable Deck Foundations

Are you considering building a deck or building and looking for a sturdy and eco-friendly foundation alternative to traditional pressure-treated wood posts? Look no further! Helical piles have emerged as an innovative solution, revolutionizing the way we construct foundations. With their numerous advantages over conventional materials, helical piles are gaining popularity among homeowners and builders alike. Let’s explore why helical piles are a game-changer for decks, building foundations, and the environment.

Strength and Stability

Helical piles, also known as screw piles or helical piers, offer exceptional strength and stability. These piles consist of high-strength corrosion-resistant steel shafts with helical plates, resembling large screws. When they are drilled deep into the ground, the helical plates create a powerful grip within the soil, providing a reliable foundation. Unlike pressure-treated wood posts, which can deteriorate over time due to moisture, rot, and insect damage, helical piles are built to withstand the test of time. Their robust construction ensures a solid base for your deck that can handle heavy loads and resist movement, even in challenging soil conditions.

Quick and Efficient Installation

Installing helical piles for your deck foundation is a breeze compared to the labor-intensive process of setting pressure-treated wood posts. Helical piles can be installed using specialized machinery, such as a hydraulic torque motor, which drills them into the ground with precision. This method eliminates the need for digging deep holes and pouring concrete footings. The installation process is fast, efficient, and minimizes disruption to your property. Once the piles are installed, you can start building your deck right away, saving you valuable time and reducing construction delays.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the most compelling reasons to choose helical piles over pressure-treated wood posts is their positive environmental impact. Pressure-treated wood contains chemicals, such as copper and arsenic, which are used to prevent decay and insect infestation. However, these chemicals can leach into the soil and groundwater over time, posing risks to human health and the environment. (Learn more, read our post “Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe?“) By opting for helical piles, you eliminate the use of hazardous materials, making your deck foundation more eco-friendly. Furthermore, helical piles can be easily removed, repositioned, and reused, reducing waste and minimizing your environmental footprint.

Versatility and Adaptability

Helical piles offer versatility in design and adaptability to various soil conditions. They can be customized to meet the specific needs of your deck project, whether you’re building on sloped terrain or dealing with expansive clay soils. The length and size of the piles can be adjusted accordingly to provide optimal support and stability. This flexibility ensures that your deck foundation is tailored to your unique requirements and guarantees a long-lasting structure that can withstand the elements.


While helical piles may have a higher upfront cost compared to pressure-treated wood posts, their long-term benefits make them a cost-effective choice. With their durability and resistance to deterioration, helical piles eliminate the need for regular maintenance and replacements. You’ll save on expenses associated with repairs, treatments, and premature replacements, making helical piles a wise investment in the longevity of your deck.

Alternative to Pressure-treated Wood

By embracing helical piles as an alternative to pressure-treated wood posts, you can build a deck foundation that offers strength, stability, and sustainability. With their quick installation, adaptability, and long-term cost-effectiveness, helical piles are paving the way for environmentally conscious deck construction. Say goodbye to chemical treatments and welcome an eco-friendly approach to your outdoor living space with helical piles!

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