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Protect Your Deck from Sun Damage

Sun Damage

B.R.A.G. Contracting Inc. just left after installing a beautiful deck. How do you keep your new deck looking great? How can you protect it from the damaging effects of the sun? New decks can quickly weather withing a few summer seasons. Even modern pressure treated wood, the worlds most durable wood can quickly become discolored and fade because of the suns intense UV rays. This blog provides a few tips to keep your new deck looking fresh and new and protect Your deck from sun damage. So, what can you do?

Pressure Treated Lumber is Good

Pressure treated wood is a good choice. If you use it, be confident in your decision. It’s environmentally friendly, safe, (read Is Pressure Treated Wood Safe?) and has value because it’s considered one of the most durable wood products available. It’s resistant to pest infestations and rot. It is however still wood, and all wood eventually gets damaged by the sun and fades or looses color. There are things you can do to slow the inevitable though. Use protective sealants on top of this already durable product. There are even sealants specifically formulated to prevent fading from UV rays. Chose a good one and re-apply it every 2 years.

Natural Protection

Protect your deck with natural shade. Consider installing an awning, a large umbrella, or a sun sail to block the suns rays to the deck. Even inconsistent shade is better than nothing. Awnings are great because they can be retracted whenever you want to enjoy the sun. Most sunshades are made with UV resistant materials and won’t fade for a long time. So, not only will your deck and patio stay new looking, so will your sun blocking device.

Choose Lighter Colors

Choosing the right stain also can have a prolonging affect on your new wood deck. Chose lighter colors which will reflect the suns heat. Dark stains absorb heat from the sun and fade faster. Even though dark stains look great when their going on, they require a lot more maintenance than lighter choices. No matter how well you look after your deck, you should re-apply stain every two years. As well, you should avoid power washing a wood deck. Even though it’s a fast way to remove dirt, it softens the wood and will wear it out faster.

Composite Products

It’s because of all the maintenance that many people decide to buy more expensive composite wood materials for their deck surface. They last much longer and require very little maintenance. Composites are made from wood particles, plastics, and resins that resist sun bleaching. This product is becoming increasingly popular, and B.R.A.G. Contracting has done hundreds of decks made with composite products. (read Choosing the Best Material for Your Deck)


Another option to protect your deck is a beautiful pergola built by B.R.A.G. Contracting. This structure is permanent, and in addition to shade, adds ambiance to your outdoor living space. Some choose to add a retractable fabric between the rafters for extra protection from the sun. It obviously provides more shade than an umbrella and still allows for lots of airflow.

Wishing You the Best

Whatever your deck design, B.R.A.G. Contracting is happy you chose them to build you a gorgeous deck. We hope it looks new for decades and brings your family lots of joyful memories.